• How to test quality of powder coating?


    Powder coating testing is designed for two purposes:
    Performance reliability, (i.e.,to determine the suitability of a coating for a given use.)
    Quality control, (i.e., to maintain uniform quality in......

  • Current status of word powder coating market


    At present, the market share of powder coatings in China is not large compared to other types of coatings. However, in the relatively mature industrial coating field, powder coating is one of the few ......

  • Pre-treatment of the substrate before powder coating


    The main purpose of pre-treating the metal surface prior to powder coating is to:
    Thoroughly remove all foreign matter such as iron filings, grease, cutting fluid, dirt, welding slag, etc.
    The surfa......

  • Is powder extraction environmentally friendly?


    Powder coatings are divided into three categories: thermoplastic powder coatings (PE), thermosetting powder coatings, and architectural powder coatings. The product is non-toxic, free of solvents and ......

  • Powder coating defoamer


    Powder defoamer is a stearate treated with ethylene glycol, which is used as defoamer in various powder coatings. Not only can eliminate the pores formed by the powder itself due to moisture, but also......

  • High temperature resistant powder coating


    High temperature resistant powder coatings are very rugged and suitable for a wide range of applications. With the use of heat-resistant coatings for items such as barbecue appliances, fireplaces, and......

  • Introduction of powder coating production


    Powder coating production technology is completely different from general liquid coatings. The production of powder coating includes connecting different work sections in a reasonable order (including......

  • Powder paint for racks manufacturers


  • Powder paint for LGP cylinder in Saudi


    We have stable relationship with LPG cylinder manufacturer in Saudi.

  • Powder coating formula


    There are two main types of powder coatings: thermoplastic powder coatings and thermosetting powder coatings. Thermoplastic powder coatings are composed of thermoplastic resins, pigments, fillers, pla......